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I think Philip's seen this one, I wrote it a couple months ago I think. It has nothing to do with geckos, though...sorry.

Once dreaming in my sleep I thought I saw
A glimpse of somewhere else, of different lands
A world where magic lives and nature’s law
Is called to serve great mages’ mighty hands;
Where ‘here be dragons’ on a map is true,
And stories of the unicorns no lie;
Where pirate ships roam tossing seas of blue,
And stranger things than airplanes seek the sky.
I knew ‘twas all a dream when I awoke
To plain white walls, to homework and to school:
No dragons here, no magic-wielding folk—
And none are spoke of, lest I seem a fool.
But I have a pen, and I can write:
And in my stories, magic’s still in sight.
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